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Must Have Basic Items

Updated: May 27, 2020

Timeless fashion, for all ages.

I have to admit, I have been selling these Suzy D ultimate joggers for at least 6 years. They really are a wardrobe must have, however they will rarely be in your wardrobe! Once you have one pair, be warned, you will definitely want another and another and another! This is very easily done when there are new colours being added to the collection regularly.

They look fabulous with trainers, smarter pumps, sandals, flip flops, sparkly shoes, our Tamaris wedges. I even wear them through the winter months with chunky knits and ankle boots. The best thing about them is that they wash and wash, even when they begin to fade they still look fabulous! These are completely not a waste of money, you will definitely get your wear out of them.

The thing that amazes me most about these is that all ages wear this item. It really has an effortless style and has to be classed as timeless fashion.

Lots of love,

Paula xxx

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